Appomattox River Company has partnered with Esquif for over 5 years. Esquif is a small, family-owned French Canadian company. Their canoes are cutting edge, the most innovative boats on the market. Agile on rivers and ideal for expeditions, Esquif canoes offer the guarantee of a reliable product that benefits from unmatched expertise. Built without compromise by real outdoor fans, Esquif distinguishes themselves from the competition with their unique properties.

Esquif is a lively, young and dynamic team. They are outdoor enthusiasts like you, and their focus is sincere. They are aware of your diverse interests, and that is the reason Esquif has worked jointly with a range of enthusiasts; those seeking an escape to the natural environment, those who strive to paddle the wildest rivers, and those who challenge themselves in competition. Whether your personal motivation for stepping into a canoe is for the adrenaline rush, feeling your heart beat as the roar of rapids approach, or enjoying the serene surroundings of the wilderness, Esquif guarantees a craft that will fulfill all your desires.

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