Jackson Kayak

Appomattox River Company carries Jackson Kayak, a company started in 2003 by EJ and Tony Lunt. Located in Sparta, TN, Jackson Kayak offers kayaks for whitewater, recreational paddling, touring, fishing, youth kayaks and accessories.

Jackson kayaks are extremely lightweight due to their innovative cross-linked plastic hull materials which makes porting your boat a breeze. These boats, especially the freestyle boats, handle well, roll easily, spin on a dime and make outstanding playboats for all skill levels. The design and craftsmanship are top notch.

The touring and recreational boats also get high marks for their stability and neutral handling. Jackson’s Smart Track rudder system got high marks from users as it utilizes rock solid foot pegs with gas pedal type steering. These boats also have ample storage, well made fittings and comfortable seats, even on long all-day paddles.

In addition, Appomattox River company is excited to offer Jackson’s Coosa kayak. The Coosa has been designed by professional kayak fisherman Drew Gregory, who worked with the Jackson Kayak architects to answer to the continually evolving needs of kayak fishermen. Aside from excelling in lakes, ponds, inshore and most offshore settings, the Coosa is the first kayak to ever cater to the river angler… making it the first ever ALL water fishing craft!

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