Appomattox River Company proudly carries Pyranha which has been designing, developing, manufacturing and testing award winning whitewater kayaks in Britain since 1971. Their company began after a group of paddlers took some new, cutting edge kayaks to Mount Everest and paddled down the first descent of the Dudh Kosi. Since then Pyranha has strived to stay at the cutting edge of whitewater paddling and all that kayaking encompasses.

From kids to champions, Pyranha wants everyone to enjoy the world’s biggest watersport. They want paddlers to have as much fun as they do, whether ripping up your local play spot, exploring a remote creek or just messing about on the river. Pyranha has always been enthusiatic about kayaks and has developed the most technologically advanced materials, using industry leading processing methods and most detailed quality control systems. The result–Pyranha can produce world class kayaks and reduce our impact on the environment.

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