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Whistling Wings from the Kayak – Kayak Duck Hunting

by Ed Crumb, Native Watercraft Pro




These days, one can find a multitude of different types of kayaks on the rivers, lakes, inlets, and bays across the US.  Fishing from a kayak has become increasingly popular since I first started and if you’re willing to put in a little extra work, the benefits are incredible.  The kayak gets you close to the fish, it’s quiet, and in many cases, it gives you an extra edge.  So what about hunting, specifically waterfowl hunting from a kayak?

My journey to duck hunting from my kayak started a couple years ago, hunting in swamps and ponds in Southeastern Virginia.  Many mornings standing in the swamps, I wished I could get on the other side of this or that, get decoys just a little farther out in the hole, or retrieve a downed bird just out of my reach, but couldn’t because the water was just too deep to cross.  Dragging a 14ft or larger Jon boat just did not seem like the answer—it was way too heavy, bulky, and honestly, running a trolling motor or even paddling in a logged-filled beaver pond in a boat just sounded like too much of a hassle.  So as an avid Kayak fisherman from my Native Watercraft Slayer Propel, the only answer was another kayak that was suited specifically to my needs.

This was the point that I started my search for the perfect kayak hunting setup.  There are a ton of different options out there and as many seasoned kayak enthusiasts know, rigging can be an ever-evolving process.  So please, take this information and adapt it into your very own duck hunting platform, keeping in mind that there are a number of different ways to do it.  These are the methods that have put birds in the box for me!



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Re-Cap EORA in Greenville, SC – Outdoor Industry

by Brian Vincent

I ventured down to Greenville, SC for the Outdoor Industry’s EORA show this past week. It was a good opportunity to see some stuff I didn’t see at ICAST. There is definitely some cool stuff coming out soon in the paddle sports world.

Native Watercraft has expanded their line of accessories, incl. a cool tackle storage pouch for the back of the seat, a hawg trough holster, and some organizational pouches.






The Saturday Spotlight: Kayak Kevin Podcast : Kayak Fishing

by Brian Vincent




It’s uncensored. It’s raw. It’s funny. It’s friendly. It’s kayak fishing.

Kayak Kevin Whitley​ and Lee Dubs, of Ocean Kayak​, host the Double K Podcast. We often share the podcasts in our Friday’s Finds post, but this week we’re throwing down the Saturday Spotlight. It will be a new weekly chance to throw a special shout-out to somebody in the paddling community doing something unique, fun, etc.

The Podcast with Kevin Whitley and Lee Williams is a conversation with some of the big names in fishing. This is real, no pretense, just guys talking good times. I often compare it to the campfire banter that occurs after a good day on the water. If you’re new to kayak fishing, this is a good opportunity to soak up the flavor of the community. Kevin is an OG of the scene, and he and Lee have been doing work together for years.

Whether your new to kayak angling or an old salty dog, this podcast is a good time. Sometimes I’m stuck home, my wife’s at work, my girls are asleep, and I just want to hang out. I’ll tune into a Podcast and it’s like hanging with friends from the couch.

What’s the Kayak Kevin Podcast?

YouTube Preview Image


Skookumchuck Surfing, VA Kayak Fishing, Montana SUP, Astral Otter, and RVA’s Dynamic Duo

by Brian Vincent

Check out all the quality content coming from our community of paddlers, both whitewater kayaking and kayak fishing. Tune in, read up and get psyched. This is the Friday’s Finds, where we seek to highlight some of the paddlers who call Virginia home. PaddleVa is about all of us. While some of the stuff shared in these posts will come from outside our waters, Virginia will always be the primary focus.

First Up:

I ran into the Pyranha Kayaks crew at EORA in Greenville and they showed me this sweet video of Dave Fusilli, Demshitz, surfing Skookumchuck in a Pyranha Hammer. This is some sick footage and there is a zombie.


Second Up:

Rob Choi, Ocean Kayak Pro, has been busy doing that upstanding husband/ father work, and so some would expect his skillz to drop off a bit when it comes to the art of kayak fishing. Nope. Not even remotely possible. Rob’s got crazy good skills, like the forever kind. He got out recently and just slayed them. Get the full story by clicking the link below the pic.

.24- sheepie

Click here for the full story:


Third Up:

I came across this cool video of Team Badfish getting their whitewater SUP action on in Montana. This looks like a lot of fun.

YouTube Preview Image


Fourth Up:

Drew Camp, Jackson Kayak Pro, always seems to come up big when he hits the water. I call him the gamer. His kayak fishing game is mad strong, and he celebrates the kind of success that comes from hard work and elite level skillz. Click the link below the photo for Drew’s latest adventure and tournament victory.


Click here for the full scope:


Fifth Up:

Astral Designs just released a super cute video, featuring our Astral Rep Spencer’s son, Mason. He talks us through Astral’s youth PFD, the Otter. Check it out.

YouTube Preview Image


Sixth Up:

Once again Josh Dolin and Grant Alvis of Peelin’ Drag Extreme Fishing continue to kill it. These two guys might be the most under-the-radar, superstars in kayak fishing. They target and catch trophy fish on the regular. Grant recently joined Team Hobie Fishing, but Josh is still out there, up for grabs. He currently fishes out of a Jackson Kayak Big Tuna and does work! seriously, I was just talking with another industry professional about how these guys haven’t blown up yet, and how surprising that fact is to those in the know. Check out their work following this pic of Grant’s monster summertime musky. Find out why we always hype these boys up, they do work.


Click the link for more from Josh and Grant: