Friday Fresh Finds- Moisie Fail, Bass On the Fly, Big Bulls, Jackson Kayak Family, Kayak Kevin Podcast-TKAA/HOW Tournament


by Brian Vincent


Here is what caught my attention from the world wide web this week.

First Up:

Nate Warren picked up a Dagger Kayak Green Boat from us and headed North. He was embarking on a grand adventure. Things did not go as planned, but it made for a great story. You can read it by following the links attached below the photo. One is his personal blog and the other is the spiritual story he published in Rapid Magazine. Thanks for sharing Nate!




Click the following links for his full story:  and the Rapid Media story 


Second Up:

I stumbled across this great video by Eternity Outdoors on the Old Town Predator MX. I’ve been getting psyched on fly fishing from the kayak, so this video got me amped. Check it out.


YouTube Preview Image


Third Up:

Joe Underwood, one of the local Powerteam Lures Pros, put out this awesome video of a phenomenal day in the salt. Joe once again proves that PTL baits aren’t just for freshwater!


YouTube Preview Image


Fourth Up:

A pretty cool video I came upon featuring the Jackson family. The Jackson Kayak family has made a place in this world, a place where their job is to sell fun. I can get down with that. Volvo jumped on board and did a little feature on them.


YouTube Preview Image


Fifth Up:

This week’s Kayak Kevin Podcast with Kevin and Lee, of Ocean Kayak, features Wayne Bradby, of TKAA, discussing kayak fishing and the upcoming TKAA Kayak Fish for Charity Tournament benefitinig Heroes On The Water. This is an event you do not want to miss! Get in on it!


YouTube Preview Image


If you have a great story, picture or video, share it on our Facebook page. We’ll give ya a shout out! Thanks and paddle safe.

TKAA 10th Annual Kayak Fishing Tournament


by Brian Vincent


The 10th Annual Kayak Fish for Charity Tournament, put on by TKAA, and benefiting Heroes On The Water, is fast approaching! Last year was my first time attending and I had a blast! It is such a great event. This year’s event is shaping up to be the best one yet. Make sure you get registered!




The tournament’s main goal is to raise funds for Heroes On The Water, so that they can continue to provide their great service to our veterans. Check them out!




This Sunday at 12pm, Mark Lozier, of 1st Landing Kayak Fishing Services, a Native Watercraft Endorsed Guide, Werner Paddle and Astral Fishing Pro, will be at the Hampton Store to give a Pre-TKAA Tournament seminar. Mark will be discussing tips and strategies for fishing the Slam Division as well as a host of other good info. Make sure you stop by ARC-Hampton for a good hang session.

Friday Fresh Finds: Whitewater Geology, BRO’s Jess Daddio, Bass On The Road 2, a 1247LB. Shark, HOW Tidewater/ TKAA, and Kayak Kevin Podcast #29


by Brian Vincent


Here is what caught my attention this past week, from the web world.

First Up:

A crew of paddlers from Pyranha Kayaks and Wave Sport Kayaks put together this sweet little video that mixes great whitewater footage with some geology lesson. That’s my kind of paddling porn, exciting and educational. Check it out.



Second Up:

Jess Daddio, the Travel Editor for Blue Ridge Outdoors, is traveling around the south with a Sylvan Go, all loaded up with outdoor toys, and soaking in the southeast. She recently answered a bunch of questions from readers about her travels and her set-up. Read the full report by clicking the link below the photo. I appreciate Jess’s sense of adventure, community and hilarity.




Click the following link to read Jess’s answers to reader questions:


Third Up:

Bass On The Road 2 is a  Yaktastic Adventures production of which one of our local Native Watercraft guys is a part. Robert Lee out of Va Beach partners with Rob De Vore to produce qaulity shorts about kayak fishing. Bass On the Road 2 has been getting some good press and for good reason. Check it out below.



Fourth Up:

Joel Abrahamsson, a kayak fisherman out of Sweden, just recorded the heaviest kayak fishing catch with a 1,247lb. Greenland shark. This is insane! Joel was fishing from a Jackson Kayak Big Rig. Check out the report the link below the photo.




Check out the initial report here:


Fifth Up:

A crew from TKAA and the Heroes On The Water Tidewater Chapter recently appeared on WAVY TV 10 to discuss the 10th Annual Kayak Fish for Charity Tournament on Sept. 27th. Check out the link below the photo.




Check out the video here:


Sixth Up:

Kayak Kevin and Lee Williams, of Ocean Kayak, hosted Chip and Drew Camp, of Jackson Kayak, on the podcast last week. Drew has been on fire this year! If you want to hear what techniques have been working for him, check out the video below.


YouTube Preview Image


And finally, just as a heads up, Kayak Kevin has been working on his latest video. If you haven’t seen his previous videos, order them up. These things are chalk full of excellent info. Click his name and support the man!


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Friday Fresh Finds: From the Grand Canyon to Extreme Kayak Fishing.


by Brian Vincent


Sorry for the delay with the FFF, but we’re working on updating our website and it’s keeping us busy. If you’ve visited our site recently you’ve probably noticed some small changes. It’s been in development for a couple months now and the site went live 2 weeks ago. We have a lot of work to do. We’ll have a web unveil next month after we work out the bugs and figure out all the bells and whistles.  Things will continue to evolve, as we tinker and learn all the capabilities of this new web home, and the appearance may change a bit, but we’ll still have the same easy to navigate site. Heck if you’ve noticed, it looks pretty familiar. One of the big differences is our mobile site. Check that out! So, yea, we’ve changed some things and in the future we’ll be adding a little pop, a little sizzle, but we’ll still be the same grassroots, family orientated business we’ve been since ’77.   In the meantime, if ya notice something funky, give us a heads up. Thanks!

In other news, stay tuned for a lot bigger changes as we roll into winter! We’ve been extremely blessed to have a great customer base that is like family to us and we are looking to improve upon our already proven track record of service. What does that mean? Oh, man it’s going to be good, but we have to hold tight for a little bit while all the details are ironed out.


Here is what caught my attention this past week, from the web world.

First up:

Martina Wegman, a Dagger Kayak athlete, posted this video of her trip down the Grand Canyon. There is even a shot of her standing in the Dagger Green Boat! Who else could use a 20+ day trip down the Grand with no electronics?



Second up:

Jay Brooks, of Wilderness Systems and Adventure Technology, took a run down deep south for the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament. Jay has been getting after it and traveling far and wide to catch big fish. Below the photo is his report of an exciting time with the “Maryland Boys.”




Click the following link for the full report:


Third Up:

Coming out this fall is a new line-up from Werner Paddles. Check out the teaser for Werner SUP hotness.


YouTube Preview Image


Fourth Up:

Drew Camp, of Jackson Kayak / Werner Paddles, put down a nice piece on outfitting his Jackson Kayak Big Tuna. Check the blog link below the photo to get the full report.


IMGP2337 .

Click the link for the full report here:


Fifith Up:

Jonathon Leavitt, of FeelFree Kayaks and Cannon Paddles, has been doing a lot of snakehead fishing lately. I’ve been hearing more and more about how fun these things are to catch. Take a look and decide for yourself. Featured in this video is a Wilderness Systems Ride 135.


YouTube Preview Image


Sixth Up:

The all new Jackson Kayak Fun is on it’s way! Check out this sweet video about Jackson’s updated whitewater kayak. It’s Fun, redone.


YouTube Preview Image


Seventh Up:

Richie Bekolay, of Ocean Kayak / Werner Paddles, made the move from Virginia to Florida and spent little time getting acclimated to the Gulf Coast. He recently hit the water with Hobie Fishing Pro, Marty Mood. Richie always has sweet photos and lots of fish in his reports! You can check his full report below the photo.




Click the following link to get the full rundown:


Eighth Up:

Kayak Kevin and Lee Williams, of Ocean Kayak/ Old Town, had Jay Brooks, of Wilderness Systems, on the podcast recently to talk about the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament. These guys are always fun and informative. Check out the best video podcast out there at Kayak Kevin Podcast.


YouTube Preview Image


Once again, thanks for checking in on Friday’s Fresh Finds. There is always tons of great content coming out in the paddling world. If you create some or see some, post it our our Facebook page so we won’t miss it! Thanks for your continued support and look for us to get bigger and better as we roll forward.