AFWC reports, Girls Whitewater Kayaking, a new Kayak Fishing Vlog, RVA in Outside Mag, and GoPro tips

by Brian Vincent

Check out all the quality content coming from our community of paddlers, both whitewater kayaking and kayak fishing. Tune in, read up and get psyched. This is the Friday’s Finds, where we seek to highlight some of the paddlers who call Virginia home. PaddleVa is about all of us. While some of the stuff shared in these posts will come from outside our waters, Virginia will always be the primary focus.

First Up:

William Ragulsky, of Hurricane Kayaks, Werner Paddles, Astral pro, hit the AFWC last month with a whole family of Virginia kayak anglers. All the teams did really well. Get his full report on this cool tournament by clicking the link below the photo.


Click the following link for William’s write-up:


Second Up:

Jessica Weigandt is a Virginia whitewater paddler and member of the Blue Ridge Outdoors athlete team. Here are her words regarding the following video, “I’ve spent this semester working on an independent study film project featuring some of the awesome women in the whitewater community. This project has introduced me to new people and new paddling locations. This is the promo cut for the film, and the premiere will be shown at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA on April 24th, 2015 so come check it out!”
Check out her sweet video here:


Third Up:

Aaron Dryden, a Wilderness Systems / At Paddles / Powerteam Lures Pro, is definitely a favored pro staff guy from Central Va. Aaron helps at many of our Appomattox River Company events and always brings a great level of professionalism and expert knowledge. I’m psyched to see him branching into a new venture with this fishing vlog. Here is episode 2.  Check it out!

YouTube Preview Image


Fourth Up:

Outside Magazine recently put out a list entitled the ‘7 Stateside SUP Hubs’ and Richmond, Va was listed as Best for Whitewater Paddleboarding. That’s pretty cool! Ben Moore, BIC SUP and Werner Paddles Pro, and Mitch Davis, and the whole crew there have really fostered that whitewater battleboarding community. Well done guys! Check out the artile by clicking the link below the photo.


Click the following link:


Fifth Up:

Rob Choi, a Ocean Kayak/ Werner Paddles / YakAttack / Kokatat Pro, gives some great info on powering you GoPro so you can capture more of your adventures. Rob is a wealth of tips and tricks. Check out the following helpful post by clicking the link below the photo.

Monopod battery

Click the following link for the full write-up:


Sixth Up:

Kayak Kevin and Lee Williams are both Ocean Kayak Pros and they host the Kayak Kevin Podcast. It’s a very fun and informative show featuring kayak anglers from across the country. If you enjoy hanging with other kayak anglers and hearing great trip reports, tips and stories, then tune in. It’s fun stuff! This episode features William Ragulsky, Hurricane Kayaks, and Joe Maccini, a blue Wildy fanatic.

YouTube Preview Image


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RVA Shad Run, Striper Surprise, Double L Duo, and Tactical Tips from William: It’s the VA Spring Kayak Fishing Edition

by Brian Vincent

Sorry to all the whitewater folks, but the fishing is hitting and this edition is all kayak angling. The Virginia kayak fishing community has been on fire after a sluggish winter spell of snow and wind. So tune in, read up and get psyched. This is the Friday’s Finds, where we seek to highlight some of the paddlers who call Virginia home. PaddleVa is about all of us. While some of the stuff shared in these posts will come from outside our waters, Virginia will always be the primary focus.

First Up:

A double Rob Choi feature to celebrate tomorrow’s RVA Shad Shootout. Rob, OceanKayak/ Old Town/ Werner Paddles/ Yakattack Pro, has been hitting the river and scoring some fish. Plus Jeff Lockhart scored his personal best catfish. Nice work Jeff! Click the link below the pick for the full story.


Get the full reports here:


Second Up:

The boys from Peelin Drag Extreme Fishing in RVA have been hunting trophies. Josh lays down some pretty perch and gets a surprise striper as well. Click the link below the pic for the full report and then search out their shad fishing video. It’s excellent as well.


Click the link for the full report:


Third Up:

Two of our favorite ambassadors to kayak fishing and paddling in Virginia are featured in this IR Angler intro. Meet the Lozier’s, Native Watercraft/ Werner Paddles/ Astral Pros. Double L- Mark and Kris, are two of the nicest folks on the water. Get the full scoop by clicking the link below the photo.


click the link for the full story:


Fourth Up:

William Ragulsky, Hurricane Kayaks/ Werner Paddles/ Astral Pro, shares some of his tactics and tips for successful days on the water. These are worth the read. To get the full write-up click the link below the photo.


Get the full write-up on tactics by clicking the link:


Damon Bungard, Product Manager for Jackson Kayak and Orion Coolers, put together a sweet fly fishing video featuring the Kilroy kayak and a bonefish. Check out the beautiful colors in this video!

YouTube Preview Image

Easter Sunday: The Joy and Pain of Kayak Bass Fishing

by Brian Vincent

This past Easter Sunday started off like most holiday’s at my house, with a little cuddling and giggling. I love the look from my youngest in the background.





Then we headed out to the lake for some Easter egg hunting and visiting with family. It’s a beautiful spot in Central Virginia.

After all the festivities I ventured out onto the lake for a bit of kayak bass fishing. I’ve heard of good bass being caught in this 40 acre lake, from various family members, but I’d begun to question those reports, after many failed missions to find them, despite the fact that it was most likely due my poor angling skills. Today would be different. Everybody was out casting lines, the sun was out and I was optimistic.




I paddled the Jackson Kayak Coosa HD out to where the creek rolled into the lake and started fan casting a Powerteam Lures Swinging Hammer trailing a jig. I wanted something big with some action to entice aggressively feeding fish. I found one within 20 minutes, when this big girl smacked my lure 5 feet from the kayak. After a little tail walking I got her on board.


Photo Apr 05, 4 56 09 PM


For 10 years, while living in Boone,NC and Fayetteville, WV I was heavy into hiking, rock climbing, and trail running with a little paddling sprinkled in. I hadn’t gone fishing in a long while. I got back into it a little over 2 years ago, and it was kayak bass fishing that brought me back. It’s so dang fun and the kayak fishing community in Virginia is pretty awesome. Spurred on by the reports and pics of the many great VA kayak anglers, I’ve wanted to score a citation size bass in Virginia out of the kayak. When I pulled this big girl on board I knew I was close. Little did I know how close.

I didn’t get a proper photo at first because all I’d brought on this quick mission was my phone, which I keep stashed in the pocket of my Ronny Fisher PFD. I was so anxious about losing the fish that I was hesitate to snap pics while out on the water, in the wind. I’d lost a big fish over the side of the kayak before, I didn’t want to do it again. So, I hooked her to my Fish Grips which I keep tethered to a Yak Attack track Mounted T-Reign Retractor, and slowly paddled back the short distance to my in-law’s house to get the camera and to show off the catch. ;)  Since getting back into fishing with this new found kayaking passion, I hadn’t caught anything past 5lbs.




I weighed her when I got to shore. She came in at 7lbs. 10ozs. New personal best.  I was giddy. Everyone came running down the hill to the water and my wife started snapping photos. She remarked that she hadn’t seen me this psyched in quite a while. “You’re so happy.” The kids all got super excited to go fishing. It was great!

As RMFC aka Angling Addict is prone to state, “I love this sh–!”




During the chaos of congratulations and the quick photo session, I remembered that I needed to get a proper measurement to see if this bass was citation size. I slapped the bass down on the hawg trough, snapped a photo, and amidst cries from my wife to, “quit torturing that fish and just release it,” I let her go. When I took the photo I was certain it said 22″, the stated citation length for a largemouth bass.

After releasing that big girl I went back to fishing and managed a few more, but nothing of size.


That night, sitting on my couch with my wife, our girls safely tucked into bed, I thought, ” I should check that photo and make sure it’s good.” I wanted that citation paper……


Photo Apr 05, 5 27 13 PM


Photo Apr 05, 5 27 13 PM copy


My mouth dropped open and an expletive escaped from my lips. Life affords you many lessons. This was one. In my haste, I hadn’t really looked closely when I snapped the shot, and now the picture revealed a fish that appeared to be just a tiny smidgen short of 22″.  An absolutely infinitesimal degree of missed opportunity. I was frustrated. Disappointed.

My wife asked,”It was your personal best. Does the fact that it’s not a citation make it less exciting or cool?”

It did. Not less cool, but a bit less exciting. Sorry. That’s the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I was still very psyched, but I’m a competitive person, and I wanted that trophy paper I’d seen other anglers receive. My wife’s comment did give me pause though. It’s easy to get pulled into the hype train with social media, forums, etc. as this lifestyle/sport of kayak fishing takes off. But it’s important to retain that love of the process, the paddling out onto a peaceful lake or ocean, the excitement of your lure getting hit and of personal bests. Because in the end, that’s why we all love kayak fishing, or at least I do. It’s extremely personal. The intimacy we share with the natural world, the immediacy of that interaction on the water, is unparalleled. It is a great gift every-time we get to paddle out, with possibility beckoning, and this country’s great bounty at our fingertips. Enjoy it folks.

Meanwhile, I’ll be out there chasing that paper, like a freshwater fishing hustler, trying to earn my stripes in a state and fishery, full of many talented, OG kayak anglers. ;)

And while this fish was a personal best, it wasn’t a monster by any stretch. But as the first big spring bass of my season, it got my heart pumping and put a grin on my face. I’ve got a long way to go to be the angler I wish to be, whether fresh or salt, but I want to say thank you to all who PaddleVa and continue to inspire and educate me in the pursuit of big fish. You guys and gals rock!!

See ya on the water!

Appomattox River Company – Big Demo Day 2015


by Brian Vincent




 Appomattox River Company Big Demo Day 2015 is coming!!!! Come on down, June 13th in Farmville, Va at Wilck’s Lake. We stock 2500+ kayaks, canoes, and SUPs by 45+ different vendors, plus a lot of paddle-sports accessories. All the manufacturers will be here, demoing and talking about their products. We will be posting more info to this page as the event draws near, so check back often.

Loads of Pro Staff and Reps. from all the companies will be on hand to discuss the products. We’ll highlight and list them as time progresses.

Sales Managers, Reps., and Pro Staff:



DIRECTIONS – For Directions here is a Google Maps setup with Wilck’s Lake already in the destination spot. Just click the highlight and enter your address in the Starting Point spot.

To Wilck’s Lake