Hey Richmond! Shop kayaks, canoes and SUPs in Ashland, Va!

by Brian Vincent


The rumors are true. If you’ve heard the whispers or seen our recent Facebook blast, ARC-Midlo has officially moved to Ashland! You can now shop kayaks, canoes, and SUPs in North Richmond. We’re all very excited about this move as it puts us squarely in a location that many Virginia sportsmen know well.


North Richmond

10180 Lakeridge Pkwy.
Ashland , VA 23005

Phone: 804-496-6623


  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

VA Kayak Fishing, Werner Paddles, The Green Race, Giant Bass and Chicken Butt

by Brian Vincent


Friday’s Fresh Finds is a weekly collection of content from around the web, with a concentration our local community.

Now is the season of great fall fishing reports from the guys kayak fishing on the coastal scene. Rob Choi, Kayak Kevin, Mark and Kris Lozier, Lee Williams, and Drew Camp throw down there latest adventures in Virginia paddling and fishing. I also came across a cool Werner Paddles promo spot and a great first hand look at running the Green Race.

First up:

Drew Camp, of Jackson Kayak/ Werner Paddles, had a great day catching big bass. Click the link following the photo to read how he snagged this MONSTER!


Click the link for Drew’s full report: .

Second up:

Dave Fusilli, of Pyranha Kayak/DemShitz/ Astal, recently ran the famous Green Race in the new Pyranha 9R kayak. This is a great first hand view of what it’s like to plunge down this celebrated stretch of whitewater.


Third up:

The Werner Paddles whitewater team knows how to test new sticks. This video is proof that these folks can throw down and that Werner continues to push the envelope of innovation with their paddles.

YouTube Preview Image


Fourth up:

Rob Choi, of Ocean Kayak/ Old Town Canoe/ Werner Paddles/ YakAttack, continues to show his priorities are lined up and organized correctly. Rob does it right and posts great videos, photos and fish prints too. Click the link below the photo for the excellent recap of  recent adventures in family and fishing.


Click the link for Rob’s full story:


Fifth up:

Kayak Kevin and Lee Williams, of Ocean Kayak/ Aqua-Bound, host the Kayak Kevin Podcast. This past week they had Double L, The Loziers, Mark and Kris, of Native Watercraft/ Astral/ Werner Paddles, on the podcast. It’s always a ton of fun with the Loziers. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image


Sixth up:

Josh Dolin and Grant Alvis, they rock Jackson Kayak Big Tuna and Hobie Pro Angler Kayaks respectively , and host a very informative podcast on their blog, Peelin Drag Extreme Fishing. Here is a solid podcast discussing fishing for that elusive beast, the Musky! Check i t out and get informed.

YouTube Preview Image


Seventh up:

The TKAA Kayak Fishin for Charity Tournament is a favored event here in Virginia. Robert Lee, of Native Watercraft and YakTastic Adventures, put together a great tournament recap video of this year’s event. The tournament benefits Heroes On The Water and this year raised $16,500!!!! That’s awesome! Check the video here and make sure you sign up next year.

YouTube Preview Image


Share your content on our page, we love hearing stories from he community of paddlers! Thanks and have a great weekend!

Kayak Fishing Clinics aka Meet the Pro Staff

Meet the Pro Staff

Kayak Fishing Clinics at ARC Hampton



Thursday November 20, 2014  6:30-7:30pm

“Kayak Kevin” Whitley (Ocean Kayak, Bending Branches)

Striped Bass in the Light Line


Photo Nov 06, 1 31 37 PM

Wednesday December 17, 2014  6:30-7:30pm

Mark Lozier (Native Watercraft, Werner Paddles

Speckled Trout



Thursday January 15, 2015  6:30-7:30pm

Drew Camp (Jackson Kayak, Werner Paddles)

Bass Fishing Tidewater Virginia



Wednesday February 26, 2015  6:30-7:30pm

William Ragulsky (Hurricane Kayaks, Werner Paddles)
Fly fishing the Chesapeake Bay


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3009 West Mercury Boulevard
Hampton, VA 23666
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Friday’s Finds: Big Whitewater Kayaking Fun and Chesapeake Bay 3 Commentary

by Brian Vincent


The Friday’s Fresh Finds have become a great way to highlight the content generated in our local Virginia community, like kayaking fishing and whitewater kayaking. I strive to find good stuff from local paddlers, but occasionally I reach outside our region. The other reason for highlighting videos, blogs and photos on Friday is to provide some inspiration and psyche as we roll into the weekend. At least that is why I originally started surfing the web for great content in the first place. So here is what caught my attention this week. There is a lot of whitewater kayaking in this week’s post!

First Up:

Ben Moore – BIC SUP/ Werner Paddles, Brianna Molchan, and Mitch Davis all hail from Richmond, Virginia and they stand tall as great ambassadors to the downtown James River whitewater community and the stand -up paddle-board community. Here, photographer Elli Morris, captures the trio having a blast on a beautiful Fall day  in RVA on the James River.

Second Up:

Rush Sturges recently joined the Jackson Kayak team. Rush makes amazing videos and this brief explanation of why he moved is definitely amazing.

YouTube Preview Image

Third Up:

Shane Groves, Wave Sport Kayaks paddler, lives in my old stomping grounds, Fayetteville,WV, home of the New River Gorge and the Gauley River. Here he is on the Gauley in the gorgeous fall weather.

Fourth Up:

From Dagger Kayaks : “This year, over 50 women gathered to paddle the Green River in North Carolina, to build the female paddling community and honor Shannon Christy. Check out the inaugural Green River Takeover!” This is a pretty cool thing.

YouTube Preview Image

Fifth Up:

Kayak Kevin, Rob Choi and Lee Williams of Ocean Kayak sit down and provide a DVD commentary to the freshly released Chesapeake Bay 3 : Cold Water Species Kayak Fishing from Kayak Kevin. If you’re somehow unaware, Kayak Kevin has been putting out awesome DVDs for years. Now you can watch the DVD and listen to these three share the secrets behind the scenes. Pretty cool!

YouTube Preview Image

The Dilemma of the Kayak Anglers Choice Awards

by Brian Vincent


TheKayak Anglers Choice Awards (KACA) is a joint venture between and Each year kayak anglers from across the globe nominate and vote for their favorites in various categories like Kayak Angler of the year, Kayak of the year, and more. The KACA are the only kayak fishing specific awards driven solely by kayak anglers.” – from their website.


It is the last sentence that always gives me pause when the awards come up. This is the third year running that I’ve paid attention to the KACA. Last year we avidly campaigned, as Appomattox River Company had been nominated for Retailer of The Year. It felt a little weird. I shared the voting page across our social channels and my personal channels. That means that many folks who are not kayak anglers had the opportunity to vote on “kayak fishing specific awards driven by kayak anglers.” There in lies the dilemma.

I know it’s silly. Ultimately, the more people aware of kayak fishing the better. And the guys running the KACA are just doing their part to increase awareness. But still, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had slummed for votes. Enter 2014 and the just announced Round 1 voting is here. Once again, the dilemma. What should I do? How should I support what the guys and gals at KACA are doing, promote our local folks and mention the shop nomination without feeling dirty? After a little internal debate and consulting with Tom, our GM, I decided to post a blog about the dilemma in which I would highlight all the Virginia nominations, including ours, thereby absolving myself of the guilt of soliciting votes. Also silly, I know, but it makes me feel better. ;)

So here goes. First up is Kayak Angler of the Year 2014. There are a lot of great anglers up for this award, but we’re throwing our support behind all the Virginia anglers. Go cast a vote!

Drew Camp – Jackson Kayak, Werner Paddles


Rob Choi – Ocean Kayak/ Werner Paddles

CBBT Red 1

Kayak Kevin Whitley – Ocean Kayak/ Bending Branches


Jay Brooks – Wilderness Systems/ Adventure Technology


Next up the Tidewater Kayak Angler’s Association aka TKAA is up for Kayak Angling Forum of the Year. We love our local kayak fishing club and think they’re awesome! Check them out!


We also want to give a shout out to Kayak Angler Magazine because editor, Ric Burnley, is a member of the Virginia kayak fishing community.  The magazine is up for Kayak Fishing Magazine of the Year.


Oh, and low and behold, it just so happens that we, Appomattox River Company, are up for Retailer of the Year. We think we’re pretty cool, but there are lots of cool folks in this industry. Cast your vote accordingly.


The Chesapeake Bay is up for Kayak Fishing Location of the Year. We all think it’s the best place to be for fishing and  community. What do you think?



YakAttack has many products up for vote in the Innovative Product of the Year Category. Our Central Va neighbors at YakAttack have been killing it for many years now, and they show no signs of slowing down. These guys design, manufacture and use great products all right here in Virginia. We love these guys! Show them some love!


Kayak Angling Video of the Year! I love this award. These folks put a lot of passion into their videos. I salute all the nominees, but we’re highlighting our PaddleVa Family here.

Drew Camp – This is Why I Fish

YouTube Preview Image

Robert Lee – Yaktastic Adventures – Just Go!

Rob Choi – Striper on The Fly -or- Swing

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Jonathon Leavitt- Snakehead

YouTube Preview Image

Last but not least is Kayak Fishing Blog of the Year. We have some strong content creators in Virginia. Here are the ones up for a vote.

Rob Choi  – Angling Addict – Rob puts up some of the freshest content and with great style.

Kayak Kevin Whitley – Kayak Kevin – Kayak Kevin is the OG. He’s been posting informative fishing reports and videos for a long time.

Fish Tails – Drew Camp – Drew is part of the youth brigade and enthusiastic and his reports are super informative and engaging.

Brian Vincent- PaddleVa Blog – I read all of the above blogs. They are all excellent. My blog is a mix of personal stories, event coverage, community highlights and product info.

That’s right folks! This here blog is up for a nomination with some amazing company. I started out a couple years back reading these guys above religiously, so it’s truly an honor to be nominated alongside them.

So, there you have it everybody. The Kayak Anglers Choice Awards are here. Click the previous highlight to cast your votes. The Virginia community is definitely well represented! I know my hesitation about the KACA awards is warranted, but I believe the good out weighs the bad. This world is cynical enough, we don’t need it in kayak fishing as well. This lifestyle is about fun , camaraderie and relaxation and I think the guys and gals who put the KACA together get it. Yes there have been some bumps in the road, as there always are when people are trying to break ground in a new arena. But their heart is in the right place, kayak fishing. That’s what we all love. So let’s vote with that love in mind and when the results come out, let’s celebrate our community. Debate is healthy and I’m sure the folks at the KACA welcome constructive criticism, but let’s remember to have fun and be supportive of one another. That’s my two cents and it’s probably worth about that, but as a critic of the KACA in the past, I felt like I needed to make amends and drop my cynicism. Or maybe I just feel that way because I was nominated this year. ;)

Go Vote!