Prijon Kayaks

Appomattox River Company is a proud carrier of Prijon. They offer touring, double-touring and recreational kayaks.

Toni Prijon Sr. founded Prijon in 1962. He was a world champion for the German whitewater (wildwasser) team. He started manufacturing Blowmolded Kayaks in the early 1980’s, combining the performance of composite boats with the most durable kayak hull material in the world. Prijon Kayaks are the largest Extruded and Blowmolded product in the world. Prijon is currently run by Toni Prijon Jr., also a team paddler for the German whitewater team, with his wife and brother.

Prijon Kayaks are built to the highest standards offering superb hull designs, material toughness and rigidity, and functional and comfortable ergonomics and outfitting. Their boats are manufactured with state-of-the-art techniques, Extrusion and Blowmolding- Ultra High Density (UHMW)–techniques not used by other companies. These processes make Prijon the most durable plastic kayak on the market. Because the kayak is rigid, it is efficient and stable in form and shape–thereby it will not warp or get wavy. Why aren’t all plastic boats made this way? Good question. Other manufacturers spit out the boats in quantity. Quality takes time and costs more. Simply put, Prijon would be the last plastic boat you would buy, but then that’s German Engineering for you.

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