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The Shad are Upon Us, with Seth Goodrich – Ocean Kayak Trident 13


by Brian Vincent


The following blog post comes from Seth Goodrich’s Bent Rod Chronicles. I came across Seth’s blog on Facebook last summer. He posted about fishing with his father. His dad had taught him to fish and now he was teaching his dad how to kayak fish. I was impressed with Seth’s dedication to family and the desire to share his kayak fishing passion. Then a month later I read another post. Seth wrote about how proud he was of his wife, Kam, for placing at the TKAA tournament. He wrote about their partnership and how much it meant to him. Once again, he showed values that paralleled mine and Appomattox River Company’s. We appreciate when folks celebrate the relationships they have, and especially when they cultivate those relationships while paddling. Good people do that and it’s what the PaddleVa family is all about.

So I asked Seth to be a part of the PaddleVa Family Project and I’m hoping to include some stuff from his wife, Kamaron, as well. Both Seth and Kamaron seem easy with a smile and dedicated to having fun, and that is at the core of what we’re looking to do with the Project and the new, upcoming website. We are very psyched to have them on board, representing the angling side of the Family. Thanks guys!

Here is a little taste of what Seth brings to the table. Visit Bent Rod Chronicles and his joint venture with William Ragulsky, All Out Kayak Fishing, to read more.

First Trips in the Trident

– Seth Goodrich

 Those of you who know me, know that I have been paddling a Malibu Kayak for years, but I felt it was time for a change. My kayak fishing expeditions have evolved over the years from shorter days in calmer water, into extremely long days where covering 8-10+ miles is the norm. That being the case, it is only natural that my choice in fishing vessel has also evolved. I knew exactly what I was looking for, and luckily I have the most comprehensive paddlesports shop in the county, in my backyard. I reached out to Appomattox River Company, and they took care of me as if I were family. They pride themselves on that family atmosphere, impeccable customer service, and in having the worlds largest selection of canoes and kayaks in one place. Like I said, I knew exactly what I wanted, and ARC had a Ocean Kayak Trident 13  with my name all over it!

Alex, our buddy Ryan, and I hit the river the following Saturday in search of trophy Smallmouth bass. Rob Choi and Jeff Lockhart planned to meet us on the water as well. We fished the river hard, but the cold front was moving in quicker than we anticipated and it proved very difficult to find a bite. By the time we got off the water, the rain had set in and was beginning to change over to sleet. I didn’t really care if we caught anything, I was just happy to be out on the water with a few buddies, paddling my new Trident. That being said, I don’t want you to think I got the skunk…


Kayak Bass Fishing on the James River

by Brian Vincent



The alarm sounded at 5:02am, ‘Dead Man Shoes’ by virginmarys blasted from my phone.

YouTube Preview Image

I have one alarm setting for work and another for fishing. I always get up on time for the fishing alarm.

Bob from Powerteam Lures was set to arrive at my house by 5:45am, and we were headed to Scottsville to put in on the James River. He had been having a great string of adventures, catching a citation or near citation size smallie, every trip on the river. I wanted in on that action!

We were set to meet Dave from Midlothian as well. Here is Dave at the put in with the Scottsville bridge in the background.

The morning was peaceful and we set off down the river with hopes of big smallies. Dave paddled his Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 kayak from ARC. Bob paddled his Wilderness Systems Ride 115 kayak from ARC. And I paddled a Jackson Kayak Coosa.

We fanned out and started casting  Bob found fish around some rocks and I got out of my kayak to wade.

I hooked one, and then lost it, about 3 feet from me. After some success , we headed on down the river. Bob and I came across a large catfish and decided to try and noodle it. We missed our chance when we slipped the GoPro too close to his big face. There is a video featuring the large catfish at the end of the post.


Smallmouth Bass Hunting and Family Canoeing


by Brian Vincent


The family and I are headed to WV soon, so I wanted to get out and fish for smallmouth on the James River as a teaser for the wild New River. While my wife will be whitewater kayaking in WV ( I plan on sampling a bit myself), I am looking forward to kayak fishing for smallies in the New River and Summersville Lake.

Summersville Lake

Jumping back into fishing recently has been awesome. It has been soo long since I fished as a kid, that it is like experiencing everything anew. I wanted to get on a river and test out smallmouth bass hunting before West Virginia, so the family and I loaded up the canoe and headed for Scottsville, Va. It was a good chance for me to patrol my James River Association RiverRat section of the James River.

It was a beautiful day, with 82 degree temps and a slight breeze. We put the Jackson Kayak Hi/Lo Seat in the middle of our canoe and my 23 month old daughter settled in with her popcorn-filled snack cup.

We put in and the river was running at a pretty good clip. My awesome wife offered to pilot the canoe while I fished for river smallies. Yes, I am a lucky man.

It wasn’t long before one of my river-ripple directed casts hit it’s mark and bam! The tiny little smallmouth on my line put up a decent fight. My first smallmouth bass since I started fishing again. I had cast a spinnerbait in chartreuse with a grub bait trailer into a little ripple on the western side of the James River. It was very cool!


Camping and Kayaking on Father’s Day


by Brian Vincent Google

My wife gave me a new tent for Father’s Day/ Birthday. I decided on the Big Agnes Big House 4. It is our first, family portable abode. If you have been following this blog, then you know we have a 21 month old daughter. We decided to introduce her to camping for Father’s Day, backyard style. It seemed like the safest bet for our first foray. We chose my in-laws backyard, for obvious reasons. Good company and good views.

I had set up the tent in our yard a couple of days prior, enlisting my daughter’s “help”, so that she would be familiar with it. We played in the tent Friday and Saturday afternoon, before the planned Sunday campout. Here we are after the first practice pitch on Friday. Psyched!

The plan for Father’s Day included hanging with family at the lake, a little kayak fishing for me, dinner with the in-laws, and then our first night in the tent as a family. Then the next day we would float the James River through the James River State Park and I would fish for smallmouth bass. We had the family canoe, a Blue Hole Prowler, and my fishing kayak,the  Jackson Kayak Coosa, loaded and ready. The best laid plans….. (more…)