King of the James Race

Have you heard?

It's Time to Crown the King!

We are psyched to once again help sponsor this great grassroots event.

Join us for the fourth annual ‘King of the James’ adventure
triathlon on Sunday, November 11th. Individuals and teams will
battle it out as they run the Forest Hill Trail loop, mountain bike
Buttermilk and North Bank Trails, and paddle the urban whitewater
found deep in the heart of the Richmond’s fall line. In the end, there
can only be one, King of the James.

November 11th, 2018

Race Registration 8:00-8:30am

Pre-Race Meeting 8:45am

Race Start 9:00am

Dagger Axiom Kayak and Werner Sherpa Paddle

Get geared up for the race or just the late fall season with some great deals.

The Werner Player is one of the best play boating paddles available. Mid-sized down turned blades for a great combination of power and responsiveness.

The Samurai is AT's smallest advanced series blade designed for quick and responsive strokes. It's ideal for playboaters and paddlers who prefer a smaller blade for river running.


The LiquidLogic Remix 47 kayak is the perfect craft for younger, smaller paddlers. This kayak's design makes kayaking easy, fluid and safe for kids. Whether your pint sized paddler be a cautious novice or an advanced enthusiast, this speedy, easy-to-roll boat with top-shelf outfitting has what it takes for them to step up their game and have a great time.


Dagger took what you love about the original Nomad, the forgiveness, the predictability, and the stability, and added modern creeking necessities. The new Nomad has increased volume to stay on top of the burliest whitewater, reshaped decks to aid resurfacing, more rocker to keep the bow up, and more speed to carry past any drop. The Medium's 86 gallons will float all but the biggest creekers, while still being sporty. Contour Ergo Outfitting adds strength, security, and comfort.


Shred Ready's Standard Fullface helmet has been designed from the ground up to provide unparalleled performance and safety. The Standard is safe, light and more affordable than any other fullface on the market. The Standard Fullface is comfortable to wear and doesn't cut down on visibility.


The Kling-On Whitewater Spray Skirt is IR's latest version of an "apron style" bungee spray skirt that's perfect for serious play boating and intermediate river running. Apron skirts feature extra neoprene extending past the bungee that help fill-in cockpit rim flaws and are usually much drier than standard skirts.


The Dagger Axiom is a downriver freestyle kayak with an edge. Splat, surf, squirt...the Axiom does it all. A stable river-running kayak with seamless edging and a craving for play, the Axiom is comfortable on steep creeks, big water waves, and everything in between. The 9.0 has the volume and the foot space for larger paddlers but still throws down like its smaller brothers.


The Jackson Antix is a new creeking/river running kayak that is fun, easy to paddle, and runs the river like a dream but with some groove in the hull design to allow for continuous play all the way down! The Antix turns quickly, squirts, spins, splats, and freewheels like a dream. In addition, the hull shape on the Antix makes it an easy kayak to roll. Its forgiving lines allow you to keep upright as you punch to the next level in your river running and play!


The Dagger Phantom is the latest high-performance model to join the ranks of the Mamba, The Green Boat and the Nomad and has already won numerous short boat class podiums even before its launch. The Phantom stays high-and-dry on the water, yet still carries its speed through holes and away from drops and achieves the perfect balance of tracking and maneuverability with the ability to rapidly change direction when on edge. The volume of the Phantom has been optimized for both performance and fit with sizing that can accommodate various paddle heights and sizes.


Meet the new playmaster of the river! The Jackson MixMaster slices and dices every drop of water with a super-low volume, high-performance bow and stern. The ride of the MixMaster is from a bygone era, but this new and improved design, now mixed with better ergonomics, hull shape and overall package brings retro to modern. If you thought you could never squirt, flatwater cartwheel, bow or stern stall a boat before, think again. The MixMaster is the ultimate learning tool for those show just need something easier. If you have pre-existing skills, this is the ultimate mix of wave, hole, flatwater and eddy line fun. Two sizes will cover most paddlers. You too will be a MixMaster of this boat!