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Check out all the quality content coming from our community of paddlers, both whitewater kayaking and kayak fishing. Tune in, read up and get psyched. This is the Friday’s Finds, where we seek to highlight some of the paddlers who call Virginia home. PaddleVa is about all of us. While some of the stuff shared in these posts will come from outside our waters, Virginia will always be the primary focus.

First Up:

Angling Addict Rob Choi , Ocean Kayak Pro out of RVA, has a long history with chasing blues. This night it would all come together for that trophy. Click the pic for the full story.

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Second Up:

A beautiful little film on the Dagger Nomad, a long standing popular whitewater kayak around our shop.


Third Up:

Josh Dolin, Jackson Kayak Pro from RVA, gets after some schoolie striper in the heart of the city.


Fourth Up:

Rex out of Texas is the man behind Action Hat, and he's known to put together a compelling video. This one's got me itching for shallow water redfish.


Fifth Up:

When out fishing, the actual catching part makes up such a small percentage of your time. What's your 99%? The Native Watercraft Titan is featured in this excellent short vid  with Greg Blanchard .