yak off

Perception Kayaks recently released a video campaign that instantly went viral. "Dont' Get Yakked Off" highlights the problematic trend of cheap plastic kayaks showing up next to the toilet paper aisle in your local big box store. It's a fun little video that also informs. Check it out below, and then check out the Perception Kayaks we highlighted. It's safe to say that by shopping Perception, you ensure you won't be Yakked Off.

Don't Get Yakked Off , Buy Perception

Perception Rambler 9.5 Kayak  


The Perception Rambler series of playful sit-on-top kayaks offers supreme stability and fun for a wide range of ages and abilities. Perfect for enjoying lakes, ocean bays, light surf, and slow rivers, the Rambler inspires confidence in a design that's easy to maneuver. The supremely stable sit-on-top design has been engineered for exceptional safety and is easy for anyone to get in and out of.

Perception Tribe 9.5 Kayak


The Perception Tribe 9.5 Kayak is an affordable, easy-going, great looking sit-on-top that performs terrifically in surf and rough ocean conditions, but it is also speedy and maneuverable on flat water and lazy rivers. With side handles built-in, plus additional bow and stern handles, carrying and car topping is a breeze.

Perception Pescador 10 Kayak 


The Perception Pescador 10.0 Kayak's versatility makes it popular for both recreational paddlers and anglers. Extreme stability ensures a drier ride that's easier to get in and out of. The 325 lb. capacity rating packed into a 10-foot kayak means plenty of room for you and your gear.

Perception Striker 11.5 Kayak 


The Perception Striker 11.5 Kayak offers all the fun and control you expect for recreation. A signature tri-hull offers great stability and accommodates a large weight capacity without compromising performance. All paddlers will appreciate the two comfortable seating options, stand-up assist strap, and more.

Perception Hi Life 11.0  


The Perception Hi Life 11.0 is your one stop shop for fun on the water. The Hi Life is an 11ft kayak with smooth tracking and enough stability to paddle as a stand up paddleboard. The super low profile is reminiscent of a paddleboard but still provides a sturdy platform for kayaking. Perfect for a day trip, this sit-on-top features a fold-down seating system, with a cooler storage area under the seat, a rear tankwell for additional storage, and a center cup holder in front of the seat for easy access.