Let’s face it: paddling can seem an expensive sport. It’s easy to be sticker-shocked when starting out in the paddling sport. That is understandable. You’re young and new to the real world, and the investment is daunting. This blog will help you save money and avoid that sticker-shock.

Figure Out What You Want, and What You’re Willing to Sacrifice

Write down the characteristics of your ideal boat. Is it stable? Lightweight? Fast? Does it have dry storage? Regretfully, it’s impossible to find everything you want in one boat. You may want a boat that is fast and stable, but those two simply do not go hand-in-hand. You may want a boat that is stable and lightweight, but most stable boats are heavy. This will help you determine what you prioritize and what you are willing to sacrifice.

Once you have your list, it’s time to start your research. Identify brands and boat models that have your prioritized qualities. Visiting www.paddleva.com is a great first step. Our website showcases select brands and models that will help you further narrow down the boat you want to purchase.

Yes, some boats cost thousands of dollars, but don’t be discouraged. If you are only finding boats that are outside of your price range, keep looking. You will come across an affordable boat that has what you’re looking for.

Know When to Shop

Paddling is an outdoor sport, so the busiest seasons are spring and summer. This is when retailers tend to stick tight to pricing, but that doesn’t mean all retailers. Appomattox River Company is a great place to look for great deals on quality boats and accessories. Most of the time, our sales representatives are willing to work with you on making a deal.

Keep an eye out for sales, too. Many retailers put boats and accessories on sale for Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Some boats are discounted during the fall and winter, too. Indeed, once you’ve determined what kind of boat you want, check for bargains year-round. But, you could always give us a call at 800-442-4837 and ask about sales anytime. 

Pay Attention to Deals and Used Boats

There will be times when you can’t find sales anywhere, and that’s OK. You should look for deals, too. For instance, when you purchase a boat with Appomattox River Company (www.paddleva.com), you get a discount on accessories. When you buy two boats, you get a bigger discount on accessories. Even though you may be buying a boat at full price, you’re saving money on accessories, which you’ll also need for paddling.

Another method is negotiation. There is no harm in asking for a better price. The worst that will happen is the sales representative will say no.

Used boats are another way to save money. If you go to www.paddleva.com, you will find an entire section dedicated to used boats. You can save up to $500 for a boat that looks brand new. But buying a used boat is not always the cheapest option; many people won’t be as willing to negotiate, since the boats are already discounted.

Paddling can seem pricey, and investing money in a boat can be a little stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is prioritizing what you want in a boat, what you’re willing to sacrifice and a little bit of time. The time spent working with good speciality retailer will be worth it when you have your very own quality kayak to take out in the water at the end of a long day. Happy paddling.