Shipping kayaks

We recently received several inquiries about how we wrap to ship kayaks, specifically the Bonafide kayaks. So we thought we'd lay out some details on how we ship kayaks and we decided to use the Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak as an example. Check out the below video:

As you can see we use layers of cardboard and plastic wrap. Occasionally on items like canoes, etc we'll use additional layers of bubble wrap. We ship a lot of kayaks, canoes , SUPs and over years of trial and error we've attempted to minimize damage in shipping. We ship through freight truck companies. Here are some things to remember after you order your kayak and it is set to be delivered:

Receiving Your Kayak

The freight truck company will contact you via phone to set up an appt. for delivery. When your kayak is delivered, inspect the package for damages. If the package is damaged, do not sign for the kayak. Hold up the driver while you open your package and inspect your kayak. If the kayak is damaged you may refuse the delivery. If the kayak is safe you can sign for the package stating that it arrived on damaged.

Below you will find our OG kayak shipping video with more details: