Rite of Spring: The 12th Annual Goshen Pass Race
Written by Gordon Dalton

On March 2nd, 2019 almost 30 paddlers from four different states converged on the beautiful Maury River for a Virginia spring tradition: the 12th Annual Goshen Race. A “Winter Storm Warning,” and uncertain water levels the night before did nothing to dampen the good vibes of this low-key gathering. The day was warming by the noon-time mass start; and sunlight flashing off of 45 furiously churning paddle blades signaled that it had become a gorgeous day. The beautiful weather came with an equally perfect water level as the river crested at 1330 c.f.s. during the race. Smooth sailing continued as everyone paddled a solid race and there was no awarding of the traditional “carnage thong” this year. It was a tight battle for the lead among the top three paddlers. Bobby Miller and Richmond’s Isaac Hull exchanged the lead multiple times throughout the race and the outcome was uncertain even as the two Wavehoppers powered through the infamous “Corner” rapid. This high-stakes duel thoroughly stoked the spectators lining the overlook high above, and their cheers echoed through the canyon. In the end it was Isaac for the win, with Zonedogg reaching Indian Pool only two seconds later. Geoff Calhoun was next, securing the Long Boat class win, followed by local prodigy Seth Lively. Renee Powers and Carrie Hood represented womankind with strong performances. The single-blade domain was ruled by furtrapping raconteur, Phillip Prince with a super-solid canoe class time. They say “rubbing is racing” and that was true as rafter David Verde rubbed rubber with ducky-driving Mark McKinney in the battle to not be last. They finished one second apart in a near photo-finish. In truth, those two were not last as Chris Hren took his time and hit some of the fun play features Goshen is known for before showing up at the awards session. As usual – thanks to our stalwart supporters – everyone left with some kind of goodie from Appomattox River Company, Pyranha Kayaks, or Verus Kayaks. It was a primo day on the Maury River and now the spring session can commence. Think Rain!

We all owe a big THANKS to the companies and people who support the Goshen Race:

* Thank you Appomattox River Company – supporting Virginia’s best whitewater race! This company has been a big part of the Virginia paddling scene (and beyond) since before most of us were born.

* Pyranha Kayaks! Hottest designs, highest quality. Pyranha, USA has supported the Goshen Race for a long time and Pyranha kayaks have won this race more often than any other!

* Verus Kayaks. It’s awesome to see another Virginia company supporting this Virginia tradition. Verus honcho Josh Pecaric generously hooked racers up with some super-quality prize options

* The Great Falls Foundation generously loaned bibs for all the Goshen Racers. Thanks for classing up this little operation and making for a smoother finish!

Thanks also to Josh Tracy and David Bruce for helping make it all happen this spring! Cheers to Craig Pavlick for a heavy donation to the post-race libations. And lastly thank you to Huck Dalton for helping with the always-hectic finish line duties – we would not have accurate times without you buddy!

- Gordon Dalton



12th Annual Goshen Race 3/2/19  1330cfs
Name: Time: Boat:
1 Isaac Hull 12:10 Wavehopper 1st: Speeder/Hopper, & Overall
2 Bobby Miller 12:12 Wavehopper
3 Geoff Calhoun 12:19 Green Boat 1st Long Boat
4 Seth Lively 13:07 Green Boat
5 Andrew Koehn 13:30 Green Boat
6 Ian Fuze 13:36 Green Boat
7 Robb Faulconer 13:38 Karma UL
8 Josh Tracy 13:53 Outburst
9 Josh Pecaric 14:13 Verus Gladiator 1st Short Boat
10 Henry Nixon 14:25 Nirvana
11 Harris Haynie 14:35 Booty Call
12 Austin Moran 14:44 Mamba
13 Renee Powers 14:51 Karma UL
14 Dallas Curry 15:00 Pyranha 12R
15 Uncle Phil Prince 15:10 Silverbirch Rebel (OC-1) 1st: Canoe Class
16 Mike Felts 15:16 Party Braap 69
17 Will Hagy 15:20 Bazooka
18 Carrie Hood 15:30 Stinger
19 Nathan Frye 16:00 Foreplay
20 John Moran 16:09 Nirvana
21 Lee Williams 18:38 Dagger Prophet (OC-1)
22 Deven Lively 20:30 Lively "Spidey" (OC-1)
23 Phillip "Flip" Merica 20:31 (C-1)
24 David Verde 25:49:00 9' Raft (R-1)
25 Mark McKinney 25:50:00 "Ugly Ducky"
26 Chris Hren 30:00:00 Hooka