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With our combined inventory of Esquif Canoes and Wenonah Canoes we feel pretty confidant that our warehouses hold the most impressive selection of T-Formex canoes in the country, if no the world. Hyperbole is in, right?

So what is the story on T-Formex? Here's a brief re-cap of the shift in canoe manufacturing if you're unfamiliar.

A couple years back, word went out across the paddlesports industry that Royalex was dead. Canoeists lamented the loss of the composite material that canoes had been constructed out of since the 1970's. What would life be like after Royalex?

That question has been answered and answered resoundingly. Esquif Canoes quickly announced the birth of a new ABS plastic laminate.

To quote Esquif:  "Comprised of an ABS plastic foam core, layers of ABS plastic sheets, and a protective outer skin the various layers of T-Formex are bonded together with heat and pressure in a large autoclave.  When it is time to make a canoe hull, the sheet is again heated and
then vacuum molded to form the hull."
They also have a good Q & A section on this new T-Fromex compound at the Esquif website (see below):

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does T-Formex compare to Royalex?
A: With a structure, weight, and strength that is similar to Royalex you can confidently paddle your T-Formex canoe into all of the situations that you would have taken your Royalex canoe. We always used the strongest sheets of Royalex that were available and we have been able to match those properties with our new T-Formex sheets. Many of our customers have been telling us that they think T-Formex is even tougher than Royalex was.

Q: What happens if I wrap my T-Formex canoe around a rock?
 Every time a canoe wraps there are extraordinary force at play so depending on the specific situation you may break your gunwales, seats, and decks. As mentioned above, T-Formex has an excellent structural memory so the hull should pop back into shape and remain intact (with some creasing).

Q: Can I use the same outfitting and repair techniques that I used on my Royalex canoe?
 Absolutely! You can use vinyl adhesives for gluing in outfitting, contact cement for foam kneepads, and epoxy resin for repairs.

Q: Which models will be available in T-Formex?
A: All of the canoes that we were making out of Royalex and Royalite can now be made out of T-Formex. Please check our current listing to see what is available.

Q: How much are your T-Formex canoes and where can I purchase one?
 Please refer to our dealer listing to find the closest dealer to you. They will be happy to assist you with all of your questions.

At Present: 

Yet still, people had their apprehensions and deservedly so, Royalex had been around for a long time. But now the reviews are coming in. The videos are hitting social media. The word is out. T-Formex is legit. T-Formex is a lightweight ABS laminate with structural memory and strong resistance to abrasion and impact. This new layup is now being used in the manufacturing of canoes like Wenonah as well.

Canoeroots published a review by Frank Wolf after he paddled his Esquif T-Formex Canyon for 1800 km over 44 days in the Canadian North.

canoe in river Frank Wolf photo


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We just got some great Wenonah Canoes in T-Formex in as well. The future of canoeing looks great! Summer is coming. River trips are just around the corner. If you're ready to check out the latest and greatest in canoeing manufacturing, then come on down and get geared up. T-Formex is here and ready to be your vehicle to adventure. Check out our extension selection of Esquif Canoes and Wenonah Canoes online or in our Farmville location. Then start dreaming of those warmer days.

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