Kayak at sunset

After a long hiatus, we've brought back our favorite weekend highlight blog about all the things that catch our eye over the week. This first redux is kayak fishing heavy. But that will change as time goes on. If you'd like to be featured send an email with your video, blog, etc to vince@paddleva.com

Check out all the quality content coming from our community of paddlers, both whitewater kayaking and kayak fishing. Tune in, read up and get psyched. This is the Friday's Finds, where we seek to highlight some of the paddlers who call Virginia home. PaddleVa is about all of us. While some of the stuff shared in these posts will come from outside our waters, Virginia will always be the primary focus.

First: Josh Dolin, Jackson Kayak / Bending Branches / YakAttack Pro, and one half of Peelin Drag Fishing throws down his 2017 Highlight reel. It's fun and full of big fish, just like Josh's life. Check out one of RVA's own from here in Virginia.

Second: Robert Fields, of Field Trips fame, hits the road and joins up with Jameson Redding, Brooks Beatty, and Gene Jensen aka Flukemaster, for some hot Louisiana redfish fun. Robert Fields will be hitting the road touring the US and we hope to see him here in Central Virginia!

Third: Dan Smullen, YakAttack Pro, gives a rundown on his BlackPak and what he puts in it to hunt Striper this time of year. Dan is another of our talented RVA anglers, repping Virginia in the kayak fishing world.

Fourth: Chad Hoover, of Kayak Bass Fishing and Kayak Bassin TV and Bonafide Kayaks Pro, lays down some good rainy bass information. Chad has been chasing bass longer and with more passion than most, so his insight is well worth your time. We like to think his kayak bassin fame started here in Virginia, so we claim him.

Fifth: Kayak Kevin Whitley, Ocean Kayak / Aqua Bound / YakAttack Pro, has long ago made a name for himself in the kayak fishing world, right here in Virginia. Kayak Kevin's website is a wealth of info and awesome pics, videos, etc. His latest adventure tour (he's been on a few) was an ambitious tour attempt up the east coast. He just posted the Week 1 video. Stay tuned for more. You can also find Kevin in our Hampton store, slinging fishing wisdom and striking yoga poses.