Hydroskin Shirt S/S Green/Grey - CLOSEOUT



With the warmth of neoprene and the comfort of our ThermalPlush lining, this Short Sleeve HydroSkin Shirt works to keep you warm in all seasons. Wear it alone in the warmer months when the water is still chilly, and wear it as part of a layering system as the air temperature drops.

  • 0.5-mm neoprene core insulates and protects.
  • 4-way stretch PowerSpan™ outer layer for unrestricted mobility.
  • New ThermalPlush™ lining increases insulation, repels moisture, and dries quickly.
  • Titanium adhesive aids body heat retention.
  • Spandex underarms eliminate binding, making this top superior both as a single, outer layer or as a base layer.
  • DWR coating forces water to bead and roll off for decreased evaporative cooling and quicker drying times between trips.
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