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Yak Gear Anchor Float Leash Quick Release


Yak Gear

21.99 Regular Price $21.99 18.69 Special Price $18.69

The 36" anchor float leash allows anglers to release their anchor, chase their catch and know where your anchor is after landing the big one. The anchor floats remain visible due to the two 3.5" x 3.5" orange floats ready for the angler to return and reconnect or pull up the anchor. The leash also acts as a shock absorber for the boat against the tugging feeling created by rough water or wind by letting the bungee stretch and contract instead of the boat rocking back and forth.

  • 36" nylon overwrapped anchor float leash
  • Two high visibility floats attached
  • Helps to stop the tugging that current and wind created
  • 2 aluminum carabiners to attach easily to your anchor rope and to pad eye or your anchor trolley
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